DSTC upgrades metadata tool

DSTC has launched MetaSuite 5.0, its toolset for creating and managing metadata for complex information files.

This solution was developed to manage the underlying data descriptions for repositories, to give better access to higher quality information, according to officials.

New features in MetaSuite 5.0 will simplify and enhance the ability to customize the look and feel of the end-user interface, with this version also including MetaCart, a shopping cart-style service for locating records of interest, they said.

According to DSTC engineering director Ron Chernich, information portals are valued and vital resources in business today, but establishing and maintaining repositories brings challenges.

"The need to tie together different resources such as databases and editing tools can bring difficulties in dealing with multiple vendors," Chernich said.

"We saw an opportunity to tie all the components for repository support into a single, unified, collaborative and customizable package.

"MetaSuite, which is a point solution for Dublin Core-style metadata repositories, now has a proven track record because it is scalable, robust and can be tailored to meet specific needs of individual portals."

Key components of the product include a metadata repository and query engine, metadata indexers, a Web crawler, a metadata entry tool, metadata schema compiler and thesaurus.

These have been designed to enhance metadata richness and quality whilst adhering to Dublin Core, the most commonly used international metadata standard, officials said.

DSTC claims that ease of use for end users, including entering queries and viewing results, has been core to MetaSuite's development.