Optus to roll out LMDS network

Cable & Wireless Optus, in partnership with Agility, will roll out an LMDS (local multipoint distribution system network) across Australia following a successful bid at the latest spectrum auctions.

C&WO obtained access to 27GHz spectrum at the auction held by the Australian Communication Authority. It is best suited for broadband wireless access, including the use of LMDS technology, which delivers high-speed data and voice services. According to C&WO it can be implemented quickly and scaled up, and it provides businesses with a greater choice of communication options.

Mike Callen, general manager for Agility Networks, a wholly-owned subsidiary of C&WO, said the company would roll out an LMDS customer access network across Australia, including regional centres.

Chris Hancock, managing director for data & business services for C&WO, said: "It [LMDS] will enable us to directly connect many more customers to the Cable & Wireless Optus network, bypassing the 'last mile' connectivity arrangements we have made in the past."

Agility already operates an LMDS network in all Australian capital cities and four regional centres.

"As part of our testing program, we already have trial services connected to 35 business customers. From here, our rollout will focus on the business districts of most metropolitan areas in the capital cities, and many of the major regional centres," Callen said.