Yahoo sets up India development center

Yahoo Inc. has set up a software development center in Bangalore that will focus on the development of new products and technologies to be deployed by Yahoo's Web sites worldwide.

The center in Bangalore is the first research and development (R&D) center set up outside the U.S. by Sunnyvale, California-based Yahoo, and is expected to have 150 engineers by the end of next year. Some product development work has already begun at the center.

"The decision to set up this center in Bangalore was based on our need to scale our software R&D efforts, and also tap into the large English speaking and technically competent talent pool in India," said Venkat Panchapakesan, chief executive officer of Yahoo! Software Development India Pvt Ltd., Yahoo's new software development subsidiary in Bangalore.

"Yahoo is also taking a global approach to product innovation and support," added Panchapakesan. "Until now, we were sitting in the U.S. and planning products and services for other countries. The India center will help us better understand other cultures and countries, and develop appropriate products and services." Besides developing new products, the Bangalore center will also customize current Yahoo products for their use in various countries. The center will also offer 24/7 support on premium services offered by Yahoo.

The Bangalore center is to focus on technology and product development in areas like data mining and data engineering for handling terabytes of data, e-commerce applications, search algorithms to improve the relevancy of the Yahoo search engine, enhancing the HotJobs platform for online recruitment, network services, and enterprise portal software development, according to Bharat Vijay, chief operating officer of the center.