Software AG enhances XML document storage

Software AG on Tuesday announced Version 4.1.4 of Tamino XML Server, featuring better search tools and an API for the C programming language.

Tamino XML Server is a platform for storing, publishing, and exchanging XML documents, Software AG said. Businesses can exchange documents and data among suppliers, customers, and partners.

Version 4.1.4 enables metadata searches of non-XML documents via the Tamino Non-XML Indexer, which can search on documents such as those in Microsoft Office or Sun StarOffice.

Also featured in Non -XML Indexer are phonetic document searches and retrieval text highlighting to better enable access to XML documents and other types of business and multimedia content.

Non-XML Indexer is a plug-in module for Version 4.1.4 that works with Tamino XML Server to extend the set of criteria for searchable metadata, such as author, creation date, date last modified, or file size. This enables faster, more intelligent searches of non-XML documents. Indices can be created for standard document formats such as Microsoft Office.

The API for C allows client applications written in C or C++ to access Tamino XML Server without going through a Web server, according to Software AG.

The C API lets developers write a C program that goes directly to the Tamino server and perform a search or lookup, said Joe Gentry, senior director of product marketing at Software AG, in Reston, Va.

Tamino XML Server 4.1.4 has a retail price of US$45,000 per CPU. It is available now for the Windows 2000 and XP platforms, Linux, Sun Solaris 8, IBM AIX 5.1 and 5.2, and Hewlett-Packard HP-UX. Solaris 9 will be supported by later this month.