Australia ranks low on spam generator scale

Australia contributes a mere 0.5 per cent to the international spam menace, ranking 19th globally behind countries like the US, China, Korea and Brazil.

According to Sydney-based spam-filtering service provider Messagecare, Australia didn't make it to the top 10, based on evidence from a 10-day analysis into the origins of spam worldwide using data collected through its international spam trap network.

Messagecare's research showed that the top 10 countries where spammers were most active included the US at 33 per cent, China 18 per cent, Korea 9 per cent, Brazil 4 per cent, Canada 3 per cent followed by the UK at 2 per cent.

"Domestic antispam legislation is not enough to win this war," chief executive Andrew Kent said.

"Spam is a global epidemic. To win this war, we must embrace multiple defence strategies including seeking international government cooperation, particularly with those countries where spam-sending is most prolific, as well as industry participation, end user education programs, technology solutions and tough regulatory action."