Siemens Creates New Mobile Communications Group

HANOVER, GERMANY (02/25/2000) - In a push to become one of the top three mobile telephone suppliers worldwide, Siemens AG today said it plans to pool all of its mobile communications activities into a new unit called Information and Communication Mobile (ICM).

"A new mega-trend is beginning to emerge: mobility," said Volker Jung, a member of the Siemens executive board, today at a press conference here, explaining the move to "re-bundle" Siemens' strengths into the new unit.

ICM, which will start operations on April 1, will bring together all of Siemens' mobile phone activities from handsets to networks, Jung said. The new group will be headed by Rudi Lamprecht, who formerly led the Information and Communications Product (ICP) group.

Specifically, ICM will consist of the operations of ICP, including mobile and stationary voice and data communications terminal devices, and the Communication on Air division of Siemens' Information and Communications Network group, Jung said.

ICM is originally expected to have annual sales of about 5 billion euros and expects to sell some 30 million mobile phone terminals this year, Jung said.

"ICM is setting ambitious goals for itself," Jung said, adding that the new group aims for global market share in the mobile phone market of 10 to 15 percent by the end of 2001, and wants to be one of the top three mobile telephone suppliers over the long run.

Siemens Information and Communications Networks Group will also establish a new division called Enterprise Networks, which will develop and install multimedia products and applications for corporate networks, Siemens said in a statement.

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