New MS developer director wants you

The new director of Microsoft Australia's developer strategy says he's out to win the "hearts and minds of Australian developers".

Norbert Haehnel has spent over 10 years working at Microsoft Germany and Australia, with roles in corporate support and consulting. He was appointed director, developer and platform strategy group earlier this month, and is in charge of 20 staff.

"We'll be working with the major [including the big four] banks to show them the benefits of .NET," said Haehnel.

"[Also] we want to build our R&D focus, and make .NET a better value proposition for ISVs. Everything we do is .NET related at the moment."

According to some analysts though, many enterprises will use both Java and .NET platforms, a contrast to some early predictions that Microsoft's marketing muscle would leave Java with little market share.

"Many enterprises are going for the dual strategy. There's strengths in both [Java and .NET]" said Haehnel.

"I think .NET has picked up very well here in recent times though," he said.

Haehnel said universities' takeup of Microsoft development techniques was also high on his agenda.

"We want to help universities adopt Microsoft tools so they [students] can be productive as soon as they leave university.

"A lot of the stuff the universities are teaching now is good to know, but we think there can be more useful knowledge," said Haehnel.

Haehnel replaces Peter Moore, who has taken the position of Microsoft's Chief Technology Officer for the Asia Pacific and Greater China regions.