JBoss combines with webMethod's data integration tool

  • John Cox (Network World)
  • 22 August, 2003 08:18

The open source Java applications server, JBoss has been built into webMethods' data integration software.

The combination of the two applications is intended to let enterprise sites link Java-based business code, via JBoss, with the webMethods' Integration Platform software. The latter is server software and tools to interconnect an array of enterprise business processes and applications.

By packaging the popular open source application server with its own software, webMethods' holds down costs to customers, and minimizes the work needed to blend Java-based code with other back-end logic.

JBoss supports the Jave 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) specification. Other J2EE application servers are supported by webMethods, but JBoss will now work "out of the box" with the integration server.