See Video: Sysadmins take wild ride in giant iMac wheel

George Fox University IT guys create a giant iWheel from iMac boxes and take it for a spin across campus. Check out the video!
  • Bob Brown (Network World)
  • 06 August, 2015 03:06

And there I was, thinking I was making the most of my MacBook Air box by using it as a stand for my laptop rather than forking over the money for a fancier stand.

But the IT department at George Fox University in Oregon easily has me beat with its human transport wheel, made from 36 trapezoid-shaped iMac boxes. They took out the computers and styrofoam, and built the 120-pound iWheel.

According to the school's blog, sysadmin Mike Campadore had been plotting the iWheel for more than a year, initially estimating he'd need 38 boxes. He joined with colleague Rich Bass this past Friday (SysAdmin Day, as it turns out) and gave the wheel a big old spin across campus.

A photo posted of the wheel went viral on Reddit, Imgur and other social sites, according to the school. So they figured, better post a video too...