Tool fights wireless, wired worm outbreaks

Trend Micro recently announced an appliance intended to help users monitor for computer worm outbreaks across wired and wireless LAN segments.

The 1G bit/sec Network VirusWall 2500 appliance filters network traffic, recognizing worms and tracing them back to the source of the outbreak. VirusWall, which works without the need for agent software for the desktop, is able to recognize when a worm outbreak has started within a corporate network, recognizes the source and reaches into the desktop machine to eradicate the worm. Trend Micro also will offer a lower-speed version, VirusWall 1500, and last week introduced the VirusWall 300 designed specifically to protect automated teller machines and ticketing kiosks used by airlines.

Jamie Cerra, network engineer at IMG Academies, a sports training and education facility, says he uses VirusWall on the LAN for the students in its dormitories, which is kept separate from the IMG corporate LAN.

"Last year we had a couple of bad outbreaks, which saturated the network, and it was a nightmare going room to room to find what was wrong," Cerra says about his decision to start looking for a way to stop worm outbreaks that started with the students' desktop computers on the campus LAN.

"We don't own any of those laptops; people bring their own in and it's hard to keep under control," Cerra says.

Cerra says he likes the VirusWall approach because it doesn't require adding agent software to desktops and works quickly to go into an infected machine and eliminate the worm.

Network VirusWall competes against worm-suppression and policy-enforcement technologies developed by McAfee and Symantec, and router and switch vendors including Alcatel.

Network VirusWall 2500 is available now.