Motorola adds next-gen microwave link

Motorola's new generation of EtherMux 20MBps point-to-point microwave LAN radio technology is now available in Australia.

The company said the solution offers "super-fast" transmission of any kind of data, such as e-mail, fax and computer documents, over the air.

The solution is aimed at organisations with more than one site.

Trevor Thomson, Motorola's technical support specialist, said the technology means companies can set up offices up to 70 kilometres away from any operating centre and have all the functions available to their workers without the 'hard-wired' infrastructure.

Two versions of the package are available, one for Ethernet data only and the other for Ethernet data and two or four telephone lines, which guarantees split data and voice transmissions.

To run the system, which comprises a microwave dish at each site and single, wall-mounted units, a 'line of sight' path is required between two external antennas fitted at the designated offices and facing one another. Obstructions from obstacles such as trees and solid structures are not permitted.

For long-range links up to 70 km, a 7.5 GHz frequency is used. A circularly polarised antenna is used for links over water and a linearly polarised antenna for links over land.