Optic fibre on TransGrid lines confirmed

The NSW Minister for Information Technology, Kim Yeadon has announced that TransGrid, the State Government-owned high-voltage electricity carrier, is rolling out about 1300km of fibre optic cabling state-wide alongside the stations that carry its electricity wires.

Computerworld reported earlier this year (February 19, p10) that the body was replacing the earthwire, which protects the lines from lightning strikes, with a new kind that includes optic fibre.

Ashok Manglick, acting manager for TransGrid said the implementation was sparked by the reallocation of the 1.92GHertz spectrum, the frequency band the carrier communicated on. "We needed to see an alternative way of communicating as the frequency band is no longer secure."

Yeadon said the capacity of the fibre will be available to private telecommunications companies on a commercial basis to provide increased bandwidth and more competitive services, especially to NSW.