ING Direct system stumbles

ING Direct was offline from 11.30am as the system was shutdown so that interest payments could be credited to users' accounts.

Users trying to log onto the site were greeted with an error message advising them to contact ING Direct on a 1800 number and quote a specific error code.

The official word from the help line was that the system had been shut down while interest was paid into users' accounts. When asked if this was a re-occurring problem whenever this process was undertaken, the ING Directspokesperson said that it was usually conducted during "the graveyard hours" so that users weren't inconvenienced, but for some reason the process had taken longer than usual.

The spokesperson also noted that the length of the process was largely a result of an influx of new customers, possibly the result of an aggressive marketing campaign that has been conducted by ING Direct recently.

The spokesperson envisaged that the system would be back up by 1pm.