Compuware integrates Optimal products

Compuware Corp. has completed the integration of the performance monitoring tools Application Vantage 1.5 and Application Expert 2.5 into its EcoSystems network modeling tool suite, the company announced Monday. Application Vantage and Application Expert were acquired by Compuware when it bought Optimal Networks Corp. in July.

Application Vantage lets IT managers drill down to view application problems while troubleshooting in production environments. It is designed to help companies measure things like the response time of Web applications and applications running on intranets, and to pinpoint the cause of traffic bottlenecks. Application Expert is a preproduction product that enables application profiling and troubleshooting before an application is launched.

The integration of the two products into EcoSystems means they now work together with Compuware's existing EcoSystems products EcoScope and EcoPredictor, a product acquired in Compuware's purchase of CACI Inc.

It is significant that Compuware is pulling acquired products together because it will facilitate the flow of information across varying groups, including systems administrators, developers and database and network experts, said Patrick Dryden, an analyst at Illuminata Inc.

"The key thing is they have got a suite of products that are oriented toward performance, and this is the overriding concern of every IT organization," Dryden said. "Like it or not, (IT organizations) are service providers who have to manage the overall delivery and performance of applications."

The two Optimal Networks products dig down inside the applications to examine what's going on within the code and within the transactions across the networks, assisting the specialists who are involved in assuring good service, Dryden said.

In addition to the integration announcement, Compuware also said the number of monitoring agents per Application Advantage license is now unlimited. In the previous release of Application Vantage, customers could manage only 25 agents, which are used to monitor an application's performance, without purchasing additional licenses, said Bill Madaras, spokesman for Compuware. Customers will be able to distribute agents freely throughout the organization and manage all the agents simultaneously using the Application Vantage Agent Manager.

Madaras also said Application Advantage and Application Expert now operate on Windows 2000. Application Vantage 1.5 and Application Expert 2.5 are immediately available. Prices begin at US$35,000 for Application Vantage and $20,000 for Application Expert.

Compuware, based in Farmington Hills, Michigan, can be reached at +1-248-737-7300 or via the Internet at