Cisco enhances 10000 Series edge services routers

Cisco Systems on Tuesday announced enhancements to its Cisco 10000 Series family of edge-services routers, offering service providers IPsec (Internet Protocol Security) and MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) Virtual Private Network (VPN) technology.

The Cisco 10000 Series will now include the Cisco IPsec VPN Service Module to offer site-to-site, remote access and MPLS VPNs, the company said in a statement. A VPN is a private data network that takes advantage of the Internet to send secure, encrypted messages or files and allows access to a corporate network as if the user were on a LAN. VPNs require both hardware and software.

Cisco 10000 Series edge service routers are designed for service providers deploying IP (Internet Protocol) services at the edge of the network, the point where network subscribers can attach to an ISP (Internet Service Providers) network. Each Cisco 10000 Series IPsec VPN Service Module can scale up to 25,000 IPsec tunnels with 3DES (Triple Data Encryption Standard) throughput of 250M bps (bits per second), the company said. A tunnel is the path from the client to the server using a VPN to securely send a message or a file.

The new Cisco IPsec VPN module will be available in June, the company said. Pricing was not immediately available.