WAP no roadblock to wireless portal future

Despite a perceived failure of the wireless application protocol (WAP), businesses are keen to deploy wireless access into enterprise portals, according to an enterprise portal software vendor.

A survey of 157 large Australian businesses in January by Corechange showed that around one quarter of organisations would like to deploy wireless access to enterprise portals, but were unable to.

Gari Johnson, director of business development for Corechange Asia Pacific, said the problem lies with current WAP devices which are not good at displaying computer applications and have speed issues.

However, the importance of wireless communications to the organisation, according to the survey, is set to double, with 22 per cent ranking it important now and 43 per cent in 12 months time.

"These are remarkably high figures when you consider that a suitable wireless data infrastructure doesn't really exist."

Organisations said the main use of wireless technology in the future will be to connect employees to their organisations.

Main uses would include access to e-mail (42 per cent), general information (26 per cent), internal corporate applications (23 per cent) and to interact with business partners (9 per cent).

Some 35 per cent of organisations surveyed said they will have completed enterprise portal projects by the end of the year; of these, 73 per cent indicated that the portal would support business to employee (B2E) activities.