Shoreline releases VoIP platform

Shoreline Communications, announced the general US availability of its Shoreline3 VoIP (voice over IP) platform Tuesday. The platform is aimed at enterprises that want to deploy IP telephony services across distributed locations.

"Voice is now a one-company, one-network application for any size enterprise", said John Fazio, Shoreline's president and CEO in a statement. "The days of implementing stand-alone PBXs and ... isolated voicemail servers are gone, along with the expense and the management nightmare."

Shoreline3 uses call control software to set up and tear down IP calls across the network. Voice switches establish peer-to-peer communications, eliminating any single point of failure, according to the company.

According to Shoreline, the system offers free TAPI (telephony application program interface)-compliant features including voicemail, automated attendants, automatic call distribution, and unified messaging.

Moreover, a personal call manager component will offer a Windows interface to desktop users and integrate voicemail, calendar, and database address contacts with Microsoft Outlook. Similarly, the management component, known as ShoreWare Director, is a browser-based tool that offers a single point of control for all voice applications on the network.

The platform is based on Shoreline's DIVA (Distributed Internet Voice Architecture) software switching technology. DIVA integrates multiple locations into a single VOIP network and distributes voice-based applications, such as voicemail, to servers across various locations. The architecture also offers a single, integrated management interface.