Alexander enhances NetWare crash resolution utility

NetWare utility vendor Alexander LAN Inc. today announced that it has enhanced its software for resolving NetWare server crashes.

The Alexander Server Protection Kit (SPK) now automatically detects crashes, determines the cause of the crash and resolves it. This release of the software also supports Novell Inc.'s Cluster Services and NetWare StandbyServer.

NetWare is one of the few operating systems where an administrator can find the reason for file server crashes. Neither Windows NT or 2000 have this ability.

Alexander SPK also works with Novell's Abend Analysis System, which can automatically determine the cause of server crashes.

When a server experiences a crash, the Alexander SPK automatically starts, takes over the operating system and prevents the crash from bringing the system down, if possible. It then pinpoints the cause of the crash and goes out through the Internet to query Novell's Abend Analysis System.

The Abend Analysis System responds by searching its database of known crashes, looking for a match. If it finds one, it sends the resolution back to the troubled server. The SPK then reports to the systems administrator via SNMP traps, the console screen and e-mail.

Within 30 seconds following a crash event, the SPK prevents the system from going down, pinpoints the cause and reports the resolution, claims a company source. If a resolution is not found, the user is notified. At a later point, when the problem is resolved, an e-mail containing the resolution advice is automatically sent.

Version 4 of the Alexander SPK, which supports Novell NetWare 5.X, 4.X and 3.X, is available now and sells for $150 per server. Unlimited server licenses are available for US$10,000.

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