NRMA teams up ERG to develop smart card

NRMA Member Services has formed an alliance with ERG Group to develop a smartcard to introduce new payment capabilities for its two million members.

The smartcard will replace current members cards, and will initially be used to provide access to membership details and a reward program.

In the future, it will also include payment capabilities, letting members pay for services and purchase products from NRMA.

Senior consultant Alan Mason said eventually the card will incorporate other applications such as tolling capabilities.

Mason said ERG is working with Transurban to develop a smartcard that pays tolls as cars travel on Melbourne's CityLink.

In his speech at the National Roads and Motorists' Association Road Infrastructure and Safety Forum, president Nicholas Whitlam said the joint venture with ERG was "a solid commitment to assisting the development of an integrated payment system for transport in Sydney".

"Our venture with ERG, for a smartcard for members, holds the opportunity of greatly streamlining transport integration, not least because the proposed smartcard would cover payments for public transport tickets and private tolling," Whitlam said.

The company recently announced its 10-year strategy that promises customers upgraded road service patrols, new in-van technology, new membership packages, and improved customer service.