Gosling details enhancements to Java

James Gosling, the Sun Microsystems Inc. vice president and fellow credited with creating Java, said in a keynote at the JavaOne conference here on Tuesday that two long-debated capabilities will be added to the next version of the Java programming language.

The two features are Assertions and Generics, Gosling said. Assertions was originally supposed to appear in earlier versions, but Sun kept it out until now. Generics is a means to detect errors earlier, and Assertions is a way to make the program follow a certain statement.

"It was half-baked, and I wasn't really happy with it," Gosling said.

Gosling listed Generics, a reliability feature, as "the single most requested Java feature."

He continued that the addition of these will not force third-party Java virtual machines to alter their offerings at all.

Other highly debated features, such as Primitives, are still not included in Java, and Gosling would not say when they might be added.

When asked if Sun is adding in new features to keep up with Microsoft Corp.'s C# programming language, Gosling said that C# "Is kind of a kitchen sink language. It's like Java with the bugs put back in."