Ellison's vision 'unrealistic,' says i2's Brady

Oracle Corp. chief Larry Ellison is "kidding himself" with the suggestion that digital information could be more easily accessed and shared if stored in fewer, larger databases, i2Technologies Inc. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Greg Brady said Wednesday at the E-Gov conference, the day after the database company's leader offered his vision to the same crowd.

"It's so unrealistic, I'm surprised he even said it," said Brady, the newly appointed i2 CEO, of Ellison's comments Brady thinks that instead of having one data model, which in Ellison's vision would be an Oracle database that customers must modify their requirements to fit, software users should be able to buy applications that suit their needs and enable them to communicate with the applications that their partners and customers run.

"Let customers' databases talk to each other ... that's called a loosely coupled architecture," Brady said.

In suggesting this one big database theory, Ellison is simply pushing his own product, i2's CEO continued: "Larry is being self-serving, that's clearly a crazy way of solving it." Of course, the vision that Brady supports is one that his own software company implements in its products.

Brady's comments about Ellison came during the question-and-answer session at the end of his keynote speech, in which he encouraged the public sector to adopt new technologies that enable collaboration and smooth business processes.