Telstra launches application optimisation for Next IP network

'Application Assured Networking' service offered over Telstra's business network

Telstra today unveiled a new service for its Next IP business network that will offer QoS and bandwidth controls.

The service, 'Application Assured Networking', includes access to application performance reports for a business' network and a consultancy service desk that offers help with interpretation of reports and customisation, training and network policy configuration.

“With Application Assured Networking built into our network, we can offer a feature-rich application service based on an OPEX model," said Telstra executive director, data, IP and network applications and services, Philip Jones, in a statement.

Telstra plans to add additional features to optimise network usage, including the ability to schedule or dynamically allocate increased bandwidth for peak periods. Manual policy control and automated policy control are listed as "coming soon" on the Application Assured Network website.