Gender issues to take centre stage at Wikimania

Ada Initiative co-founder to keynote Wikimedia conference

The Ada Initiative, an organisation that works to increase women's participation in open source and open culture, will be in the spotlight at the July Wikimania conference in Washington DC, with one of the organisation's co-founders, Mary Gardiner, keynoting the international Wikimedia conference.

"Mary has been a strong advocate for open source and has worked extensively to elevate the role of women and increase their participation in open source and open culture," Wikimania 2012 co-ordinator James Hare said in a statement. "Her work fits perfectly within our vision of empowering individuals around the world through free and open access to the sum of human knowledge."

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The Ada Initiative was founded in early 2011 by Gardiner and Linux kernel developer Valerie Aurora, with the organisation's first event, AdaCamp, taking place in Melbourne in January.

The second AdaCamp will be co-located with Wikimania 2012, with the Ada Initiative currently seeking sponsors for the event. The organisation is expecting 150 people to attend the "unconference".

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