XOsoft rolls out AIX business continuity software

XOsoft, an application availability vendor, this week announced it has released a version of its WANSync Server software for IBM's AIX.

WANSync Server for AIX is data synchronization and replication software that allows data to be transferred among multiple servers or different file systems within the same server.

The software synchronizes servers and copies them to either local or remote replicas in real time. If an AIX server fails, a replica will take its place to allow users continuous access to data. The software has a snapshot-based "undo" capability that allows storage administrators to rewind servers to a consistent state before the failure.

WANSync Server for AIX can also be used for data migration. Data can be moved from one server to another or from one file system to another.

XOsoft also has versions of WANSync for Windows, Sun Microsystems Inc.'s Solaris and Oracle. The product costs US$5,000 to US$7,000 per server depending on configuration.