NBN plans cheaper than ADSL2+ equivalents: Analysis

iiNet, Internode, Exetel and iPrimus plans between 23 and 43 per cent cheaper on the NBN
  • Lisa Banks (Computerworld)
  • 18 October, 2011 10:53

Many internet access plans on the National Broadband Network (NBN) will be cheaper on a per gigabyte usage basis than current ADSL2+ plans.

Comparison website WhistleOut conducted the analysis, comparing speeds and pricing of iiNet, Internode, Exetel and iPrimus NBN plans.

Based on the cost of copper phone line rental and ADSL usage from the four providers, WhistleOut director, Cameron Craig, said consumers can expect to save between 23 and 43 per cent on their internet plans once the NBN has finished being constructed.

“On the NBN’s entry level speeds of 12Mpbs [megabits per second] and 25Mbps we found consumers will actually be paying less than today's ADSL 2+ and line rental plans for the equivalent usage,” Craig said.

“[This equates to] savings of 23 per cent to 43 per cent on the entry-level speeds of 12Mbps."

Craig said the NBN will democratise internet access across Australia.

“While 10 per cent of Australians already have access to high speeds via cable internet in metro cities, 90 per cent of Australians are on speeds from dial up to ADSL2+ with no guarantee of the actual speed they’ll get,” Craig said.

“Around 569,000 Australians are still on dial-up internet access... the NBN's biggest benefit will be the democratisation of high speed internet access.”

The report claimed that some 55 per cent of Australians are still connected to plans with speeds less than 8Mbps.

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