Red Hat certifies Telstra's Cloud

Telco is Red Hat's seventh Cloud partner

Telstra has joined the likes of Amazon EC2, Fujitsu and IBM, receiving Red Hat certification for its public Cloud offering.

Telstra is one of seven Red Hat Cloud partners. Along with Ixonos and Savvis, it is recognised as a "certified provider" by Red Hat.

The certification represents Red Hat's blessing for Red Hat Enterprise Linux deployment in Telstra's cloud.

“Offering Red Hat Enterprise Linux in our Cloud computing environment offers our customers more choice, more flexibility and the opportunity for them to run more applications out of our Cloud," Telstra executive director, Philip Jones, said in a statement.

Red Hat launched its Cloud partner program in mid-2009

At the time Mike Evans, Red Hat's vice-president of corporate development, compared Cloud computing to the "wild West". "We're trying to bring some sanity and safety [to the market] and give customers more options," Evans said.