Compaq will shrink servers

Compaq Computer Corp. will release "hyper-dense" servers smaller than one server-unit -- or 1.75 inches -- high this year, a company executive confirmed on Tuesday.

The servers will also be optimized to reduce ancillary costs for maintenance and power, Compaq said, but would not provide specifics as to how that will be done.

"Form factor is only one consideration," said Brad Anderson, Compaq's vice president for mainstream servers. "We're looking at driving power consumption down."

Anderson would not be more specific about a release date than to say the servers will be out this year.

Microprocessor companies like Transmeta Corp. and Intel Corp. plan to aggressively push low-power chips into the server market this year. The low-wattage chips are designed to save space and power.

Four companies are planning releases of Transmeta's Crusoe-powered servers -- RLX Technologies Inc., FiberCycle Networks Inc., Amphus Inc. and Inc.

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