Trend Micro to use Postini technology in antispam gateway

Trend Micro has licensed Postini's antispam technology to use in the Trend Micro Spam Prevention Service, software that can run on Solaris, Windows or Linux or in the form of an integrated hardware/software appliance available through reseller Nokia.

The Trend Micro Spam Prevention Service is a dedicated gateway that would typically reside between a firewall and an e-mail server to weed out spam at the rate of 1 million messages per day. In contrast, Postini offers a antispam filtering service that works outside the corporate network by having the corporate MX record directed to the Postini Internet-based antispam gateway. The functionality in the Trend Micro product will essentially be a subset of that offered by the Postini service.

The Trend Micro antispam product, sold as either software or as an appliance, is able to "tag and deliver" spam to recipients or reroute the messages to an administrator's mailbox, according to Trend Micro Senior Product Marketing Manager Kevin Murray. The antispam categories filtered out include sexually explicit or hate mail, get-rich-quick schemes, and bulk mail for commercial offers.

The Postini service is broader, providing a way to block direct harvest attacks against e-mail servers to gain new addresses. Doug McLean, vice president of marketing at Postini, said the Postini service includes extensive reporting and alerts, and in addition, can set spam-filtering policies on a group-by-group basis inside a corporation. The Trend Micro software doesn't include these features, McLean said.

Trend Micro is the exclusive licensee of the Postini technology for use in a gateway product.