Sprint launches new e-business platform

In an effort to expand its Web hosting business, Sprint Corp. Tuesday unveiled an application infrastructure management (AIM) platform that forms the software base for hosting applications at the company's Internet centers.

Sprint has four centers working now and plans to build nine more by the end of the year and 13 by 2002. The AIM platform ties Sprint's Internet backbone to the company's Web hosting centers, so clients can outsource Web-enabled business processes. It also links Sprint's cellular network to the hosting centers to provide mobile commerce capabilities -- business customers can use mobile phones to access the network for client data, e-mail or other purposes.

The AIM platform is the product of Sprint's E-Solutions division, formed in November from the combination of the company's Internet services and enterprise network services divisions to promote Web hosting in the wake of the failed merger with WorldCom Inc. last year.

Sprint E-Solutions will use the platform to offer infrastructure and business applications for e-commerce, e-mail and messaging, calendaring and portal services, according to a statement.