Network Associates to bring Sniffer under net management umbrella

In addition to incorporating intrusion-detection capabilities into its Sniffer protocol-analysis product line this year, Network Associates plans to give Sniffer the ability to report potential problems to network management platforms from Hewlett-Packard, IBM and Computer Associates International.

"Sniffer's strength over the years has been to do very quick analysis," Network Associates president Gene Hodges said. "Now we want it to fit under the larger network umbrella." Sniffer today is oriented toward sharing information with its own management console.

Last month Network Associates' Sniffer Technologies division shipped a version of the Sniffer tool designed to share information with the Micromuse network management product, Netcool. The next goal is to develop Sniffer to work with IBM's Tivoli Enterprise Console, as well as HP's OpenView and CA's Unicenter TNG.

"We're also strengthening the enterprise reporting that Sniffer does," Hodges said. "We want it to do application-performance management by looking at application data, whether it's SAP or voice over IP."

Sniffer will also report on capacity utilization, the company told analysts in New York this week. "This would make it more of a tool for end-to-end management for backbone carriers," Hodges said.

In other news, Network Associates late Wednesday concluded an agreement with Secure Computing to sell the Network Associates Gauntlet firewall/VPN product line to Secure Computing for an undisclosed price.

Network Associates last year began selling off most of the assets of its PGP division, of which the Gauntlet firewall was part. Remaining assets include the PGP file desktop and e-mail encryption software, for which Network Associates is still seeking a buyer.