Newest Novell eDirectory to ship next week

Novell is expected to announce Tuesday that a new version of its eDirectory will ship next week.eDirectory 8.6 will feature several enhancements to functionality, scalability performance and reliability. Among these are persistent search capability, dynamic groups and live backup.

The company also hinted at feature enhancements in the follow-on version of eDirectory, code-named Falcon, which will go into beta testing next month and ship in April.

Persistent search is the ability to perform Lightweight Directory Access Protocol searches on the directory based on attributes that have changed. For instance, when an employee's role is promoted to manager, the application would automatically receive a search result and be able to perform other actions based on this change, such as sending an e-mail with policy guidelines for managers and resource information. This feature saves time and money by reducing manual input of data.eDirectory also supports dynamic groups.

The previous version supported static groups, thus when a person's title changed from supervisor to manager, they would need to be manually granted access to the network resources managers have rights to. This process is now handled automatically.

One of the most significant changes, however, is the software's ability to be backed up on-the fly. eDirectory 8.5 required the directory to be shut down during slow activity periods before it could be backed up. Now, it is possible to backup eDirectory while it is still in production, thus saving on inactivity.

The Falcon release of eDirectory will focus on Web support and services. Novell will add support for the Universal Description, Discovery and Integration (UDDI) specification, the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) and the Directory Services Mark-up Language (DSML 2.0), as well as for wireless devices.

The company also announced that its product eGuide 2.0, a 'white pages' service, is now shipping. e Eguide, which ships with eDirectory, lets user create organization charts if they have the proper permissions, and present information in the directory in an attractive, easy look-up fashion.

EDirectory 8.6 will be available next Monday for US$2 per user.