Telcos refuse to budge on customer service: ACMA

Regulator to take submissions on road

The Australian Communication and Media Authority’s (ACMA) public inquiry into telecommunication customer care has drawn poor responses from the industry, according to ACMA chairman, Chris Chapman.

The organisation recently released public submissions to the communication regulator's "Reconnecting the Customer" inquiry into customer services. Over 120 submissions were received from industry, government, consumer representative groups and individuals, but Chapman said the response from industry fell short of expectations given initially positive signals from executives.

"Too many of the submissions were little more than reiterations of the current self-regulatory framework and cautioned against any regulatory intervention," he said in a statement. "I was surprised the telcos did not come up with more constructive solutions to issues they admit are major problems."

The inquiry will host industry, consumer and youth workshops around Australia over the next two months to focus on customer service issues.

"I look forward to the industry stepping up with positive proposals to remedy the problems," said Chapman.

The consultations are to help inform the ACMA’s views on the causes of customer service and complaints-handling problems and possible remedies.