Digital pests take centre stage at symposium

The Australian Unix Users Group, AUUG, will hold a Digital Pests Symposium in Melbourne on February 8 with a special focus on spam and malicious software.

AUUG treasurer and spokesperson Gordon Hubbard said that, while there would be a definite Linux, Unix and Open Source slant to the symposium Linux and Unix systems are often providing protection for more vulnerable systems such as Windows, and all types of systems will be discussed.

Hubbard said he expects between 50 and 100 people to attend the event which is the first Digital Pest symposium run by AUUG.

Speakers include Joel Sing from Ionix, Peter Linich from the University of New South Wales, David Purdue from Sun Microsystems and Steven Lynch from Network Box.

They will be covering topics such as antivirus and antispam solutions; antivirus and antispam software internals; vulnerabilities exploited by spammers and virus authors; user education; legalities (such as. fighting spam in the courts); ISP strategies and the role of government.

The one-day symposium will cost $150, but discounts apply for AUUG members, various computer society members and students

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