Oracle Sun Netra T5440

Vendor’s description: Maximize your ROI and create plenty of headroom for future growth with the Sun Netra T5440 server. Engineered to help organizations serve millions of new users efficiently, cost-effectively, and securely, the 4RU Sun Netra T5440 server enables you to securely run high-speed network applications and virtualize your data center for greater ecoefficiency and superior utilization. The re-emergence of the telecom industry provides a number of opportunities for growth on a foundation of open-standards-based technology. The Sun Netra T5440 server is the ideal means for your company to take advantage of this shift in the marketplace, using an architecture designed for scalability and high-density storage and I/O, along with industry-leading compute power. The multisocket Sun Netra T5440 server is designed to support a multicore, multithreaded server on a chip (SoC) design that vastly increases reliability and performance as it minimizes cost, power demand, and components required—reducing operating costs. Providing a significant improvement in performance, density, and throughput, the carrier-grade Sun Netra T5440 server is based on the UltraSPARC T2 Plus processor—the next generation in chip multithreading (CMT) technology. Packing tremendous performance into a 4RU design, the system leverages processor innovation such as eight SPARC cores that concurrently run eight threads per core; a memory access crossbar; integrated PCI Express (PCIe) features and PCI-X; a separate floating-point unit for each core; an L2 cache; and two to four independent, dual-channel memory controllers. Scaling with threads rather than frequency, the server minimizes space and power consumption while offering massive internal storage expansion and memory capacity.

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