Telstra scores a smartphone called Desire

HTC phone to hit Australia in April

The HTC Desire will hit Australian shores this April after its unveiling at the Mobile World Conference this week.

The Android 2.1 smartphone sports a 1GHz Snapdragon processor and a 3.7 inch WVGA AMOLED display.

Telstra says the phone will be available exclusively on its Next G network.

In a statement, HTC CEO Peter Chou said the phone has an improved web browser, email client and a newreader application.

The phone also includes HTC Friend Stream which aggregates social networking feeds into a single channel.

Telstra earlier this month scored launch rights to Microsoft’s Windows HD2 touchscreen phone to be used over its Next G network.

The phone’s most prominent feature, its high resolution 4.3-inch touch display, enables users to view, zoom, and resize websites, Microsoft Office files, PDF documents and pictures by pinching their fingers.

But Aussies will still have to wait for an unspecified time to get Google’s Nexus One mobile phone, which was launched early this month.

The phone is available in the US on T-Mobile's network or unlocked, and will also become available from Verizon as well as Vodafone in Europe.

US customers can buy the phone now on a new Google Web page, for $US530 for an unlocked version. Buyers must use Google Checkout to buy the phone and must have a Google log-in.