Aussie Google jobs up for grabs

Google has 38 jobs on offer at it's Sydney office

Google is ramping up its recruitment by advertising 38 job vacancies at its Australian headquarters in Sydney.

The slew of jobs covers the search giant's five departments and comes on the back of a recent IT job market recovery.

(In pictures: Inside Google's Sydney office funpark)

On offer are 19 jobs in Google’s advertising sales, operations, and enterprise department, 12 in the engineering operations department, four in software engineering, two in HR and one in business operations and development.

Just under a year ago, Google was bitten by the global financial crisis and culled 200 from its global workforce, including 15 from the Australian and New Zealand sales group.

Earlier this week, Google announced a deal with the Indian Premier League (IPL) to offer live cricket on YouTube and on-demand access to the tournament's 60 matches.

Further details about the jobs available at Google can be found on its website.

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