SmartPipes supports Cisco's PIX firewall

  • Tim Greene (Computerworld)
  • 11 September, 2002 07:45

SmartPipes says its VPN provisioning software now supports Cisco Systems Inc.'s PIX firewall, enabling customers to set firewall and VPN policies centrally using a graphical user interface.

Previously, SmartPipes software supported only Cisco IOS routers.

SmartPipes translates policies set by users into commands to individual devices in customers' networks that enforce the policies. The company says the addition of PIX to the list of gear SmartPipes can command makes it possible for customers to build and secure more diverse networks.

The software upgrade to support PIX also manages configuration of network address translation for the firewall. The software also includes firewall templates so customers can more easily set up their firewalls with commonly used configurations.

SmartPipes also includes management tools that enable customers to keep track user credentials and control access to each device.

SmartPipes is used by WorldCom to support some of its managed IP VPN services.