Energy consumption metric for data centres

Understanding how much power your data centre uses
  • Tim Lohman (Computerworld)
  • 24 December, 2009 12:40

Data centre industry group The Green Grid (TGG) recently put forward a metric for understanding data centre energy consumption, the Data Centre Infrastructure Efficiency (DCiE).

TGG says the metric is defined as the ratio of IT Equipment Power — the power consumed by equipment used to manage and process data — and Total Facilities Power — the power measured at the utility metre that decided solely to the data centre.

TGG recommends that DCiE be monitored over one year with ongoing measurements in order to compensate for peak and nominal loading changes that occur within the data centre.

The intent of DCiE is to assist decision makers for data centre operations, IT or facilities to improve data centre efficiency. It can be done at three levels, from basic to intermediate and advanced. For more information, visit the organisation's site.

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