Cisco UC customers appear S.O.L. when in comes to deploying Windows 7

Cisco won't be refunding your money if it can't support Windows 7 on its UC products
  • Brad Reese (Network World)
  • 12 November, 2009 14:11

At least Cisco is warning Unified Communications customers about it NOT successfully offering support for Microsoft Windows 7:

"Cisco will have no liability for any delay in delivery, or failure to deliver, any or all of the planned Windows 7 support features set forth herein. Therefore, any such delay or failure will not in any way grant to Cisco customers the right to return, refund, adjust, or exchange any previously purchased Cisco products or products that customers may purchase under their Cisco purchase contracts."

Are you "rolling the dice" by deploying Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit) while purchasing the following Cisco UC products?

What's your take, is Windows 7 worth an all-out urgent and persistent effort by Cisco to get its UC products to support it?

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