MySource Mini CMS goes GPL and into the cloud

Content management system also available as a free VMWare image

Australian-owned content management company Squiz has released its MySource Mini content management system (CMS) under the general public license (GPL).

And in a new twist, the CMS is also available for download as a free VMWare image, which means it can now be offered as a cloud application. The company has partnered with cloud platform provider Rejila.

MySource Mini is a spinoff of the MySource Matrix CMS, which is used to power several high profile websites including Sydney Olympic Park, Asia Link, Tropical North Queensland Tourism, the Centennial Parklands Foundation and the Oxford School of Archaeology. It was launched in April this year as an hardware appliance but the VMWare option is designed to make it easier to implement and host.

There is also a pre-paid option for automated updates and maintenance, which follow the RedHat support model. The service costs $5500 per year for commercial users and $275 for personal users.

“Virtualisation allows Squiz to still treat the CMS as an appliance, but we can also offer the worry-free automated maintenance service,” said Squiz managing director, John-Paul Syriatowicz.

Users can download the virtual machine image at

The cloud solution means users will now be able to get up and running in a matter of minutes.

“A new MySource Mini server can be provisioned and deployed in literally minutes,” said Rejila founder, Samuel Yeats. “Costs are also easily controlled starting at just 10 cents per hour, but the power of the cloud means it can be scaled to almost any size immediately.”