Hefty handset is more colourful

Nokia Corp. launched its updated Communicator PDA (personal digital assistant)/mobile phone, the 9210, at the CeBit IT show. The device, which now sports a colour screen, should be available in the northern hemisphere before the northern summer.

Once just an option, colour displays have now become an essential feature of small devices. Communication tools such as Nokia's 9210 are being pushed by manufacturers as the future for the growing number applications that require good bandwidth and high-resolution colour screens, so this was an inevitable upgrade for Nokia's flagship mobile device.

But the Communicator range has never really taken off for Nokia, representing only a fraction of the company's handset sales, and most handset makers are now experiencing a slowdown in sales.

The Nokia 9210 is still far heftier than your average mobile phone at 244g (the weight of nearly three little Nokia phones), but the screen can now offer 4,096 colours, and the 9210 has support for HSCSD (high speed circuit-switched data), a system which uses compression and two GSM timeslots to bump connection speed to a maximum of 43.3Kbps (kilobits per second).