Sun Seeker iPhone app released

Successful Australian iPhone app developer hits market with new augmented reality app

A new locally developed iPhone app, Sun Seeker, has hit the market, incorporating the compass function of the iPhone 3GS.

Australian iPhone developer Graham Dawson, who hit iPhone App Store success with his Oz Weather app, created the augmented reality app while in the market for a new apartment and curious to see the amount of sunlight a place would receive.

"Another prime use of the app is gardening, when you’re looking to find out where you should be planting things and whether you’re going to get full-time sun exposure," Dawson said.

The app displays an astronomical view of the sun's location, along with the sun’s daily path, including its rise and setting points for any day of the year. Markers show the sun's position at each hour of the day.

Despite the difficulty in predicting the success of an iPhone app, Dawson said he expects uptake to grow as more people move across to the iPhone 3GS.

Sun Seeker is available from the iPhone App Store for $3.99.