Fujitsu opens sustainable data centre

Data centre uses 80 per cent less water, consumers a third less energy

Fujitsu today announced it has officially opened its new purpose-built sustainable data centre in Sydney’s Homebush Bay.

The three-storey structure was designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and operational costs, with the savings passed onto its customers.

In a statement released by Fujitsu general manager of data centre services, Michael Gunton, said a closed loop cooling system reduces by 80 per cent the amount of water needed to maintain the facility at an industry standard 23 degrees Celsisus at 50 per cent humidity, and consumes almost a third less energy.

“Add to that our ability to proactively manage the entire facility from a central location, and our auto-sensor lighting systems that only switch on when needed, reducing usage by up to 60 per cent, and we can promise our clients substantial cost savings,” Gunton said.

According to Gunton the building control management system allows for monitoring and adjustment of power consumption around the facility in real-time. The data centre also features metering techniques to aid clients in meeting reporting requirements under the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act 2007.

“We will not only report on each client’s individual power and cooling consumption for their data centre operation, but will convert that into greenhouse emissions as part of our environmental accounting service.

"Most customers can expect a cost saving of around 20 per cent on their data centre costs as a result of the innovations we have employed in this facility,” Gunton said.