Telstra to expand CDMA coverage

The Federal Government has selected Telstra to expand Australia's digital CDMA network coverage as part of an initiative to improve regional telecommunications services, Telstra announced in a statement today.

The new deal will see 132 regional towns across the country gain access to digital CDMA coverage. Out of these, 40 towns will also receive additional GSM digital services to supplement existing coverage.

This appointment will extend Telstra's digital CDMA network to 1.3 million square kilometres nationwide.

Telstra Country Wide group managing director Doug Campbell says CDMA's inherent coverage and data speed advantages has made it the ideal technology for use in these cities.

"Digital CDMA's superior coverage, voice clarity and noise suppression has made it the natural choice for people living, working and travelling in regional areas," he said.

Campbell said this was reflected in the results of Telstra's recent CDMA technology survey, in which 1,200 metropolitan and regional Telstra CDMA customers participated.

Seventy-nine per cent of those surveyed rated CDMA as either meeting or exceeding their standards of excellence, while 83 per cent of regional or rural customers rated the service as either excellent, very good or good, he said.