Organisations warned to upgrade prior to AS number change

APNIC is warning organisations they need to ensure their network infrastructure is compatible with the new 32-bit AS routing numbers, to be introduced next January

The Asia Pacific Network Information Centre [APNIC] is warning organisations that routers and network management software needs to be updated before 32-bit Autonomous System numbers become the norm.

The pool of AS numbers is dwindling rapidly, and is predicted to run out in 2011. As a result, regional Internet registries such as APNIC will begin issuing 32-bit AS numbers by default from the start of next year.

Unless organisations upgrade their infrastructure, they risk having routers and NIS that won't accept the larger AS numbers.

Spokespeople for APNIC say the organisation is very concerned that organisations will be caught short, and that this will lead to significant network problems.

APNIC is urging vendors to work closely with organisations to ensure they are prepared for the switchover.