GURL Watcher Web monitoring software released

If you have security concerns about the Web for your kids, employees or other users, Quicomm has announced the release of a utility you may be interested in: GURL Watcher 1.0. The software views and records Web use.

Quicomm noted that GURL Watcher 1.0 is different from filtering software. The developer described the software as helping "to establish a system of trust and responsible use, rather than trying to impose limited access."

GURL Watcher 1.0 designed for "Classic" Mac OS and works with Internet Explorer, Netscape Communicator and Navigator, iCab and Opera browsers. It operates as a small application placed in the Extensions folder, and is activated by using the included SetUp application. The software doesn't support AOL's browser, and it's not yet native for Mac OS X -- although Quicomm noted that an OS X version will be released in the future.

Once installed, GURL Watcher records all the sites visited by the user of that computer. The information is then either saved in a file inaccessible to anyone but you, or e-mailed to a specific address.

GURL watcher 1.0 costs US$34.95. A free trial version is available.