Marimba ups its desktop mgmt. suite

Marimba today unveiled a pumped up version of its desktop and mobile management software suite that will give users the ability to schedule upgrades to remote machines and generate near real-time reports.

Marimba last made news with its Desktop/Mobile Management product family in July 2001, and with this release, the company added policy-based management features that will let users schedule upgrades to remote laptops or workstations.

In addition to giving users more flexibility in scheduling upgrades, Marimba also added advanced Web-based reporting to its product suite. About a year ago Marimba added Web management capabilities to its product portfolio, and the company is now letting users take advantage of a Web interface to generate reports.

Also new in this release is a new browser-based management portal that company says makes it easier for systems administrators to install, configure and manage software distribution. Marimba enhanced its Java-based tools with J2EE technologies including JavaServer Pages and XML. The company says the Java technology will help Marimba software integrate with current and future third-party products, such as Web services management tools.

Available immediately, pricing for Marimba's Change Management product families begins at US$30,000 and varies based on number of endpoints and network configuration. Customers with existing maintenance agreements will receive the release at no additional charge.