Atrica upgrades Ethernet services creation suite

Atrica Monday announced it has upgraded its Ethernet service management and provisioning system.

Atrica Services Platform for Ethernet Networks (ASPEN) is a suite of applications designed to enable Ethernet services creation specifically for the metro area. Key aspects of ASPEN, Atrica says, are its ability to enable rapid bandwidth provisioning, simplified end-user self-management and end-to-end service level agreements (SLA) for optical Ethernet. ASPEN was also designed to integrate with existing carrier operations support systems (OSS), Atrica says.

With ASPEN's 2.0 release, Atrica, who recently announced US$75 million in new funding, has developed three new application sets: ASPEN Manager, ASPEN Customer Network Management (CNM) and ASPEN OSS Server.

ASPEN Manager features three components for service providers' network operations centers (NOC). The first is Connection Manager, a service planning tool for creating and provisioning of optical Ethernet services in point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and multipoint-to-multipoint connections. This tool configures bandwidth rates, including committed and excess speeds. It also configures virtual LAN and Multi-protocol Label Switching (MPLS) paths, and defines SLA parameters such as priority levels.

The second part of the ASPEN Manager is the SLA Manager. This allows service providers to monitor real-time and historical network traffic status for the purposes of guaranteeing SLA delivery. It also allows them to monitor performance and flow control based on the SLA parameters set in ASPEN Manager.

For SLA management, Atrica also announced an OEM agreement with InfoVista to incorporate InfoVista's data collection and reporting software into ASPEN. The software will also enable the management and monitoring of end-to-end SLAs across Atrica's optical Ethernet networks, Atrica says.

The Network Topology and Inventory Manager is the final piece of ASPEN Manager. It tracks and displays inventory of all Atrica Optical Ethernet gear, Atrica interfaces and non-Atrica wavelength division multiplexing transport paths.

ASPEN CNM gives end users the ability to monitor and update their private network resources. It also allows them to monitor performance and SLAs via a Web-based application.

ASPEN OSS Server features a Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA)- and XML-based API for integrating with and sending optical Ethernet service data to third-party and service provider OSS applications.

ASPEN supports Atrica's A-8000 series of metro core switches, the A-2100 edge switch and the A-5100 aggregation switch.

ASPEN is available now. Pricing is based on the network configuration and type of services being offered. An entry price is approximately $10,000 list.