Your 'emotional intelligence'?

Intelligent as they are, IT departments ought to work on building their emotional intelligence (EQ). According to psychologist Renee Mills, motivation, and morale and project success can hinge upon team members (especially the leader) having sufficient EQ. Independent research suggests significant bottom line benefits are available from EQ training. While some people are born with tons of EQ, an 'arsenal of tools' can be acquired through training, covering self-awareness, self-management, self-motivation, empathy and people skills. It's claimed that while IQ may be a good predictor of an individual having the wherewithal to do a particular job, EQ is a predictor of who will be a 'star' performer. EQ training may be worth a look, especially where teams or individuals in your workplace seem disaffected, bored and unmotivated. We've moved on from the jungle-fighter corporate mentality of the late 80s and early 90s and it's now OK to use the word 'emotion' in front of (mostly) male IT departments, Mills says. What do you reckon?

Big NAB project, what happened?

I have trawled our own international newsnet back to 1998, the Web sites of Deloittes, SAP and the Web in general, but can find no significant mention of National Australia Bank and SAP. Either I've missed it, or the consulting firm, the very big bank and major German software maker have pulled off an extraordinary silence. According to reports in the Australian Financial Review this week, the NAB is 'suffering massive cost and implematation overruns on a new $400 million management software system'. The blowout is said to be of the order of $200 million and due to problems in project objectives and management rather than technology troubles. The report names the 'ISI' platform, an integrated combination of SAP HR, finance, and project management and procurement modules. We've been following the NAB's 'Positioning for Growth' review process (especially since the failure of the bank's HomeSide subsidiary in the US), but have been told all along that it's too early to tell if IT would be affected.

OK, congrats to AFR for unearthing this one; a project of this massive scale cannot be hidden. Any insights into the situation from the SAP developer, implementer or user group community would be most welcome. Drop me a line at