Runge makes play for Fractal Technologies

Third buy this year

Aussie mining software and services company Runge announced today it will acquire geoscience software vendor Fractal Technologies, its third buy in this sector for the year.

Fractal Technologies develop three-dimensional data management and visualisation software for the geosciences sector which combines an object-oriented database, designed to store geological, geochemical, and geophysical data, with an interactive 3D visualisation environment.

Runge CEO Tony Kinnane said the acquisition was smooth because the companies have been partners since 2005 and their product roadmaps are complimentary.

"Fractal's [technology] will enhance the technological capability of Runge Mining Dynamics, which is the industry's first visual enterprise-wide software," Kinnane said.

"Together with Mining Dynamics we can provide customers with accelerated access to new product enhancements."

Runge now has 260 staff spread across 15 global offices and has been in operation for 30 years.